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Sony Pictures Digital
     The company that develops Vegas, formerly Sonic Foundry, based in Madison, WI.

Official Vegas Forum
     Sony Pictures Digital Vegas discussion forum

Vegas Scripts Forum
     Official Sony forum for the .NET scripts Vegas 4+ is able to run. If you edit a lot, look into these automation tools.

Vegas Users Forum (DMN Forums)
     Standard Readerboard Forum.

Southern California Vegas Users Group
     The Southern California Vegas Users Group is open to all Vegas Users, worldwide. Our group, holds a monthly meeting to take part in high tech - large screen Vegas Trainings, Demonstrations and Member Presentations. We also have a very active Vegas Message Board. It is not required that SCVUG Members live in the SoCal area or attend the meetings to belong. The SCVUG is comprised of Professional Editors and Beginners, alike. Our Members, may Post their Personal Resumes and Editing Skills Profiles and Informative Files on our site. We are currently using our group buying power to obtain discounted prices for our members on many of the A/V Products that our members utilize for editing. Many of the most respected and well known contributers at all of the Vegas Forum Sites, are our members. You are invited to join, one of the best and fastest growing Vegas Groups in America. The SCVUG is Co-Hosted By: Lance Bachelder and Jay Mitchell --Jay Mitchell Group Email: Personal Email: Forum
     abcdv's Sonic Foundry-related forum. Not a lot of traffic, but some thoughtful comments. News & Articles news, reviews, articles on the latest from Sonic Foundry. (Or should we say, "Sony?")
     discussion forum for Vegas users HD forum
     What Happens In Vegas.... (HDV)

creative cow Vegas Forum
     Another excellent Vegas forum at the Creative Cow.

Vegas Chat
     Chat with Vegas users, get realtime guidance.
     Vegas Forum on

Washington Baltimore Vegas User Group
     The Washington Baltimore Vegas User Group (WBVUG) is comprised of Vegas users in Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Northern VA and the surrounding area. If you would like to join the WBVUG and would like to find out more about this group and upcoming events, please contact Mickey Grackin ( The WBVUG is Co-Hosted by Mickey Grackin and Joseph Carney. Vegas Video Forum

The New York Vegas Users Group
     The official site for the New York Vegas Users Group.

The Seattle Vegas User's Group
     This is a Vegas User's Group that meets regularly in Seattle, WA.

Vegasusers Chat
     RealTime chatroom for Vegas Users. HTML-based chatroom does not require Java or any browser plug-ins. Also offers offline message boxes, forum, calendar, and extensive profiles.

Crossfade Forum
     Billy Boy's Vegas Forum NEW LINK Here is an alternate to the official Sony Vegas forum. In this forum some of the top Vegas, Acid, Sound Forge experts will provide prompt help for your problems. This forum welcomes free speech, product bugs/annoyances, alternate views/opinions and any OT's within reasonable limits. BTW, did I tell you that you don't have to register with your product serial number to post in this forum!

Sony Vegas Yahoo Forum
     This Forum is intended for users of Sony Vegas: the complete and integrated solution for digital video, audio recording, editing and mixing, streaming content creation, and surround sound production. Sony-Vegas software is the professional choice for video editing, audio production, compositing, titling and advanced encoding on the PC platform.

Where the Vegas Users Are
     An interactive map of the world with dots representing Vegas users. Be seen! Add your own dot!

French Discussion Forum
     Les forums du repaire consacrés à Vegas Vidéo.

Jean-Michel Grévoul
     Le site des utilisateurs francophones de Vegas Video.

     German site with descriptions and tutorials.

Vegas Users Scandinavia
     A Scandinavian user group for Sonic Foundry Vegas users. Here we discuss, tutor, file share, ask and answer. We'll arrange meetings and get-togethers and maybe group trips to conventions and exhibitions. Vegas is the main subject but soft- and hardware related to Vegas is ok, such as DVD Architect, ACID, Sound Forge and various hardware issues. Mixed languages. Welcome/Välkommen/Velkommen/Velkomin.

mitteg vegas website
     VEGAS SPANISH SITE. Some nice tutorials.

     Italian site vegas 4 tutorial
     Deutsche Seite mit einem guten Forum
     Tutorial en español(spain)

Dutch Vegas Forum
     Forum for Dutch-speaking Vegas users.

Vegas Video: foro y ayuda
     A fairly active forum for Spanish speaking Vegas users

Perth Vegas User Group
     The Perth Vegas User Group currently has 30+ members from home users to professionals. We meet the 2nd Thursday of each month in Perth, Western Australia

DV World/Vegas
     This is a site talking about Vegas in Taiwan. You can learn Vegas more in the site.

Vegas in China
     Sony Vegas discussion Forum in Chinese by ZAZA. ZAZA have published 2 Sony vegas tutorial books in Taiwan and Chinese.

vegas alarab
     Sony's Vegas tutorial for beginners created by alsaleh for all arab.

Vegas 6 and DVD Architect 3 Hungarian UI
     Magyar kezelõfelület a Sony Vegas 6 és a DVD Architect 3 szoftvrekhez!

     Vegasaur contains about 40 different commands that provide a one-click solution for many common editing tasks, allowing more effective and efficient editing.

Vegas Training and Tools
     Home of original Vegas training videos and Excalibur, including "12 Wizards (tools) that are designed to speed you through many editing tasks, and are accessed through a pop-up interface that integrates seamlessly with Vegas."

Chienworks Video Share
     Want to put your video online for free? Stop here.

DebugMode PluginPac
     A set of free plug-ins for Vegas coded by Satish including Shatter3D, PixelStretch, and a FrameServer.

DeBugmode Wax
     Free Vegas Plug in Wax 2.0

Sundance Media Archive
     An indispensable archive of downloadable Vegas project files and scripts.

Vegas Scripts at
     A growing collection of information and sample scripts for use in Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0.

Vegas Scripts at Creative Cow
     Another archive of useful Vegas scripts, hosted by the Creative Cow forum.

Scott's Fabulous Website
     Download terrific (and free!) transitions for Vegas including SMCubes and SMLuminance.

Tools for Vegas
     A collection of scripts for Vegas.

Replacement Vegas 5 & DVD Architect 2 icons
     Want to replace those beveled program icons for Vegas 5 and DVD Architect 2? Right click here and here, choose Save Target As, and download them. Then right click on an old program shortcut, choose Properties -> Change Icon, and point it to the new file. These .ico files contain all three major icon sizes (16x16, 32x32, and 48x48).

Vegas Downloads
     Includes a complete collection of all scrips the site author has collected around the net in a single .zip file. Also links to other sites.

Aav's Sony Vegas filters
     Sony Vegas filters including a Six Vector Color Corrector called 6cc.

Veggie Toolkit
     A series of plug-ins for Vegas developed by Randall Campbell including Capture Cutter, Time Bandit, and MultiRender.

Prodad Heroglyph
     This is a superb titling and effect software that plug-in to Vegas Media generator. Prodad also has Adorage that plug-in to Vegas Transistion.

     Download free 8-packs of ACID loops every week. Vegas 5 support these on the timeline.

VASST: All Things Vegas
     A large Vegas resource site including veg files, scripts, free media, and more.

VASST Freeware
     Newest free products from VASST

Magic Bullet Editors
     Magic Bullet Editors provides digital video professionals with simple tools to transform the crisp, soap-opera look of video to the softer, more organic look of film.

     Create dazzling 3D titles for your videos and photos with BluffTitler DX9 Want to impress your friends and clients with cool 3D titles? But don't want to spend a fortune on professional 3D animation and video titling software? BluffTitler is the easiest way to add 3D text animations to your photos and videos

     If you can't open .avi files created by still cameras, you will need to install an MJPEG codec that Vegas can talk to. This is a good option: Morgan M-JPEG2000 codec Version 2 Up to 4x faster, hardware de-interlacing, and more ...

     Lots of Vegas stuff, including scripts, training, newsletters, links and FAQs.

Editors Keys Vegas Keyboards
     A great little website which sells editing keyboard sets for Sony Vegas which are compatible with all versions of Sony Vegas. All sets are just currently: £8.99 ($15)

NewBlue FX
     Video and audio effects for Vegas

     Introducing Radiance. Illuminate Your Imagination Radiance is a suite of software plug-ins that lets you create high-quality lighting effects for video and stills. Radiance is the creative solution for titles, special effects, and image correction.

Excalibur / Tsunami
     Tsunami is now built into Excalibur. Take a look at Excalibur to see all of the tools previously in Tsunami updated to include more tools and features.

     Check out the new plugins available from Zenoté. Glow - for the Pro Mist look in post (and so much more) Grain - add realistic film grain Letterbox - easily format for today's output needs Random - easily create organic temporal effects Blur - blur each channel individually Deartifact - anti-alias the color channels in your compressed footage for sharp images and smooth keys. Also, remember to check out JetDV's Tsunami, distributed by Zenoté.

CreativEase by Pixélan
     CreativEase™ is Pixelan Software's new suite of powerful video effects that are EASY to learn and use. Best yet, they are very AFFORDABLE! Eleven plug-ins are available, organized in five Packs. The plug-ins create fresh, unique visuals AND provide useful effects capabilities for everyday editing. Please click the images/links below to learn more.

SpiceMASTER 2.5
     SpiceMASTER has long been digital video's leading visual effects plug-in for custom SOFT/ORGANIC transitions and effects, greatly enhancing your creative flexibility while editing. SpiceMASTER 2.5 now comes in TWO flavors -- TFX and PRO:

Vegas Video Tutorials (
     Vegas Video Tutorials written expressly for the sharing of tips and techniques discovered while using Vegas video editing software.

Vegas Tips, Tricks, and Scripts
     Newsletters providing tips, tricks, and scripts covering Vegas + DVD.

BillyBoy's Tutorials
     Twelve tutorials (and counting) covering everything from slide shows to color correction.

Creative Cow Vegas Video Tutorials
     Excellent tutorials on creating various special effects and using Vegas creatively to reach unchartered territory!

Sundance Media Group
     Note link to Vegas Tutorials on upper left of screen.

The Vinci Shot
     Sony's Vegas tutorial for beginners created by Eduardo Araneda from Canada

Sony Vegas Seminars at NAB 2004
     the SCVUG captured two of the Sony Vegas 5 and DVDA2 seminars at NAB 2004. These videos provide some very helpful beginner to intermediate level instruction on how to use Vegas and DVDA2.

     Some Vegas guides/tutorials.

Softweigh Multimedia
     A set of mini tutorials made exclusively for Vegas 4, 5 or 6


Mike Crash Homepage
     Welcome to my new site! I'm glad that you visited my new site, it is stil under construction, but is updated from time to time to become final. From content you can see ale news from previous site, almost all downloast are here too. The previous site is still accessible on, but will be no more updated.

     Greetings from Satish Interested in An introduction to image compression? ...or how about Decompilation of executables? You may also want to have a look at the following software written by me. WinMorph Morphing Editor Wink Tutorial/Presentation Creator Wax Video Editing & Special Effects Software FrameServer Image Compression Toolbox DisC Decompilation Wizard Have a nice time!

VASST Plugins for Vegas
     Ultimate S 2.0 Celluloid with ReelPak-1 ReelPak-2 Television Looks ReelPak-3 Film Looks from the Past ReelPak-4 Hollywood Today/Volume 1 ReelPak-5 Hollywood Today/Volume 2 GrafPak-1 Lower Thirds, Volume 1 GrafPak-3 Wedding Animations GrafPak-4 Worship GrafPak-5 Holiday Expressions GrafPak-6 TeknoPak GrafPak-7 SportsPak StillMotion FM (Final Master) GEARSHIFT 1.5 InfinitiCam Edge Detective

Forged Images Productions
     This plug-in adds the ability to import Sony's Vegas EDL files into Adobe After Effects as a Composition (similar to importing a Premiere Project into After Effects). Note that Vegas 6 has the ability to output AAF files, which After Effects can read. That functionality should make this plug-in unnecessary, though I haven't had time to test extensively. Please, try AAF before buying this plug-in.

Wild FX Pro
     How to use Wild FX Pro video titles with an alpha channel in Sony Vegas. Many people want to create video titles with transparent backgrounds so they can then import them into their non-linear editing software (NLE) and overlay the titles onto existing video. You can do this using Wild FX Pro. This tutorial contains information on how to do this with Sony Vegas.

Cayman Graphics PowerCG Plus
     Our most Powerful Titling Plug-in for your Editing system. Works with Sony Vegas and most other Video Editing Systems.

Boris in Vegas Video
     Vegas Video customers are already Boris customers since Sony chose the Graffiti Ltd. titling solution to add to the functionality of Vegas Video. Vegas Red users should download the free web 3.0.2 update which includes bug fixes, optimizations, and a new Template mode for the Library Browser. You must have previously installed the full version of Red 3.0 or 3.0.1 to install version 3.0.2. Custom Vegas Video Plug-ins Boris FX, Graffiti and Red are plug-in applications. These full-featured applications apply directly to clips in your Vegas timeline. You then open a custom user interface where you create your effects. This architecture allows all three applications to share a common interface.

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