Cherished Moments

Blue 7 covers a wide range of private and public events, from Bar Mitzvahs to professional Ballet performances. Unless otherwise requested, we regularly use two skilled videographers to ensure nothing is missed.

We don't provide prices online because each event is so unique. Instead, we will work with you to design the ideal package for your occasion. Please visit the contact page to reach us.

Like you, we want the final product to withstand the test of time. That's why in addition to using the best video technology and final production media, we steer clear of tacky video effects and transitions in favor of a tasteful production, capable of impressing you and your family years down the road.

Bat & Bar MitzvahsDance RecitalsSchool EventsLectures & ConferencesLive Concerts
Bat & Bar Mitzvahs

Rights of passage are among the most important and cherished moments of our lives. A professional video documenting these precious moments is the best way to preserve them for future viewing by your family and friends. We work with respect to each tradition to produce a beautiful and lasting document of your special occasion. We'll be happy to discuss any concerns you might have about observing the rules of your temple. We take great pains to remain unobtrusive and discreet during all ceremonies.
Dance Recitals

If you've seen the movie Billy Elliot, you know just how exciting it is to behold the magic of your young performer on stage. We'll arrange to cover the entire dance recital to produce a video available through the dance school for family and friends interested in the final product. Our productions feature introductory and closing titles, close-ups, candids, and stills.
School Events

Commencement Ceremonies, Baccalaureates, School Plays, Sports Events. All of these events make up the story that is each child's unique biography. Who else has that great smile? That illuminating spirit? We can work with your school to produce a video that captures the precious moments that define your child's growth and development.
Lectures & Conferences

Company conferences, guest speakers, debates, gallery openings. Professional gatherings require professional videography to capture and document the occasion. We'll work with you to design a proper production package that suits your gathering and needs.
Live Concerts

Video did not kill the radio star! If you're in a band or run a venue that accommodates live music, we're your two-man video crew. We love music and we would love to document your show, producing your very own concert video! We operate two cameras to insure we capture the atmosphere and key moments from multiple angles. We'll plug into the sound board to make sure the audio comes out as stunning and true as the video.
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