What's in a Name?

Our company name is taken from jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins' 1956 masterpiece, Saxophone Colossus. The final track on the album, Blue 7, is everything a great work of art should be: inspired, balanced, timeless. We aim to produce work that, like the song, withstands the test of time without losing any of its original power to connect with the individual.
About our Company

Blue 7 Media is a new generation production studio dedicated to exploring the unique possibilities of digital video. We believe it is the most flexible and cost effective way to bring high-quality moving images to life.

We strive to tell a compelling story in each of our productions. We figure that since the digital media we use will last a hundred years, the entertainment and archival values of our work should too! That's why we go to great lengths to avoid cheap gimmicks and meaningless flair. We think you'll like the result.

Owners Jeremy Williams and Christopher Frisby first met and collaborated at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio in the early nineties. Both studied under nationally exhibited video artist Claudia Esslinger.


Jeremy Williams served three years as Editor at PC Gamer magazine, where he oversaw the production of a monthly CD-ROM, web site, and parts of the publication. In 2001, he and two friends produced the self-titled pop album, Buddha Jones. He has continued to produce independent video shorts in his spare time. His first assignment under Blue 7 was to design and code the company web site. He hopes you like it.

Christopher Frisby has worked for several years in Chicago as a mutual fund analyst for Morningstar. His interests include documentary films, music, history, and politics. He has completed coursework on documentary and other types of non-fiction film, as well as courses on the films of Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. His first documentary study, Changing Woman was produced in 1996.

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Blue 7 Media
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Christopher Frisby
Jeremy Williams


  • 3-Chip CCD Canon XL1s video cameras
  • Telephoto, wide angle, and fisheye lenses
  • Glidecam image stabilization rig
  • Wireless and shotgun microphones
  • Premium Sony MiniDV tapes
  • Vegas Video, award-winning non-linear editing software from Sonic Foundry
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