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Our studio services are performed in-house with media you provide. We can help you preserve old video and photographs in the best formats available, assuring your legacy's enjoyment of the materials' original quality. We can digitize your VHS tapes, and edit a fresh production with music and titles. We'll scan your photos and assemble a video montage that you can present at holiday gatherings, family reunions, or weddings. We're limited only by our combined imaginations. Here are some examples of what Blue 7 can do for you....
Video to DVD TransfersPhoto MontageVideo EditingBiographyMusic productionStreaming Video
Video to DVD Transfers • $100 per hour of video

Stop the deterioration of precious home videos and re-master them in a digital format that will retain its quality for over a century. We include personalized menus and chapter breaks that allow you to easily navigate to your favorite parts of the movie.

Combine this service with our video editing option to remold your video journal into a professionally produced digital feature that will be both functional and entertaining for future generations to behold.

Photo Montage • $4 per photo

Dust off that box of photos and turn your heap of Kodak moments into an orchestrated picture show! With your help, we'll chronicle photographs of Grandma and Grandpa in their youth, shots of your first-steps, school pictures, and scenes from family vacations to assemble a retrospective set to music. We'll include titles, tasteful transitions, and even narration if you wish. Perfect for wedding receptions and family reunions! Pop some corn and check out our samples page.
Video Editing • $50 per hour of studio work required

This core service is a great way to compress years of old home video into one easy-to-watch production. We'll work with you to highlight all of the important scenes, add music, transitions, and titles, and help you create a sentimental and watchable narrative.
Biography: Family, Artist, PersonalContact us

Addams Family? Royal Tenenbaums? Whomever your family most resembles, we're sure you'll want to preserve their unique history and and all of their lovable antics on a professionally produced video or DVD. Combine all forms of media in a full blown documentary. This is also an opportunity for artists to display their portfolios to gallerys, prospective buyers, and insitutions.
Music productionContact us

Blue 7 Media is one of the few video production studios in Chicago equipped to produce quality, one-of-a-kind, royalty-free soundtracks for commercial productions. In fact, our original music is featured monthly on the Official XBox Magazine DVD! We combine our familiarity with acoustic instruments with a vast library of Sonic Foundry ACID software. Check out our samples page to get your groove on.
Streaming Video • $20 a month per minute of video

We'll encode your video montage, wedding highlights, or family biography in several Internet-friendly flavors, and then post the piece on a personalized web page so that your wider circle of friends around the world can access your video online - anytime, anywhere!
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