When can we expect to receive our completed video?
Wedding videos will be delivered in one of our custom keepsake packages between 4 and 6 weeks from your wedding day. Other videos will take more or less time dependant on the scope of the editing.

How far in advance do we need to book Blue 7's services?
For location shooting of weddings and other special events, we encourage our customers to book a date with us at least two months in advance. Nonetheless, please check with us even if the event is just around the corner, since we may have an opening.

How does your payment policy work?
For weddings and events, a 50% deposit is required to hold the date, and the remaining balance is due on or before the event. Payment for studio services is required up front.

What kind of contract are we entering into?
We will send you a contract stating final price, locations, contacts, and deposit information before any action is taken. We want to make sure all parties have a clear understanding of what is expected.

What happens if the date of our wedding changes and you are not available? What if an unforeseen cancellation occurs?
We understand - stuff happens. If you have to reschedule with us, we'll be happy to oblige the change. If the rescheduling occurs within four weeks of the original date, you will incur a small one-time fee. If for some reason you need to cancel entirely, we will retain the deposit.

Will we get to keep the original MiniDV source tapes after the video is made?
We will return the orignal source tapes to you upon request. We charge a small fee to recoup the cost of the tapes that might otherwise be re-used by our studio for other production purposes.

What music do you have in your collection?
We have a huge library of CDs. A fraction of our collection can be found here. We have pretty ecletic tastes; from Gershwin to The Notorious BIG, it's in there. Of course, you're encouraged to send us music to use in your production.

Wow your MP3 collection rocks! Can I listen to it?
Hey, we're a hip new media company, aren't we? Make sure you have Winamp installed and tune into Blue 7 Radio. Click the listen button at the top of the screen and if our stereo is bumping, you'll hear it. (If it's not, you'll just get an error message.)

Your logo is totally rad. You should sell T-Shirts!
We're way ahead of you. Visit the Blue 7 clothing department and spice up your wardrobe. By the way, our logo was designed by Jay "The Jackal" Vidheecharoen of Red Eye Type. He's way talented.

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